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On January 29th, BZ Group launched the new e-BZ. Tailored to the needs of producers, BZ Collecte’s new extranet offers a clearer and more convenient view adapted to all screens. –


The 2019 harvest is an excellent vintage in the Great Normandy region. It is an excellent crop for winter and spring barleys: quality is good although the grain is somewhat poor in protein. It’s also a good year for common wheats despite an average protein rate. Volume is increasing compared to the previous crop year. Rapeseed appears as the “poor relation” for this crop, even though Normandy stays at a decent level compared to the national average.

A record crop-year for Bz’s port terminal Maison Bleue

The 2018-2019 crop is overally positive for Bz Group’s 3 activities :

Grain procurement activity collected 500 000 tons.

Import-export marketed 2 million tons.

Port logistics activity broke a record, bypassing the million tons in maritime traffic.

Two new activity directors at Bz

To pursue the structuring of its 3 main activities, Bz group welcomes two new directors : Denis Courzadet for Bz Collecte and Pierre Lipatoff for import-export. The port logistics activity keeps being managed by Benoît Batancourt and the financial and administrative management by Cécilia Cardon.


Bz Group participated at the 58th European Commodities Exchange in Rouen, on October 25th and 26th.


This year, the harvest was early and proceeded quickly thanks to good conditions. It started at the end of June and ended before August for many farms. If quality is overall very good,  yields are on the other hand average. 

Maison Bleue’s extension Commissioning

Maison Bleue’s extension, the group’s multimodal silo, located in the Grand Maritime Port of Rouen, was commissioned at the end of June. This expansion represents 25,000 tons of additional storage, divided into 10 cells. The overall storage Maison Bleue‘s capacity is now 75,000 tonnes.