A tool to help with commercialisation/


An extranet is made available to producers, to help them better understand their commercialisation process.


In the same way as Bz’s silos are defined by “Maison” colours, it is known as the “Maison e-Bz”.


The extranet is a comprehensive and fun tool. It represents a virtual silo.

It is unique and specific to each producer.


It is used to visualise the farm’s stock, and makes it possible for each producer to follow up on submissions, sign contracts online, receive precise and regular market analyses, gain direct access to futures market pricing, etc.


For more information about the extranet, feel free to contact the Bz Collection team.

Maison e-Bz is free and can be accessed on a computer or mobile phone via the following website:


Or via the application available on the App Store and Google Play.

Do you not yet have the key to your Maison e-Bz?

Contact us to gain access.