Creation of Bz Oléa

creation of the Bz Oléa subsidiary dedicated to oilseeds.

Maison Bleue silo extension

Storage extension, equal to half the initial silo

Creation of our Maison Bleue

Construction and launch of our multimodal port-based silo, “Maison Bleue” in Petit Couronne

Second round of stakes acquired in Cerealis

Second round of stakes acquired in Cerealis

Creation of Bz Pulses

Creation of the Bz Pulses division, specialised in pulses

Extension of our Maison Rouge

The “Maison Rouge” silo was extended, with the construction of a second silo

First stakes acquired in Cerealis

Very first equity stakes purchased within Cerealis – a cereal exporter specialised in the West- and central-African market

Construction of our Maison Jaune

Construction of the “Maison Jaune” silo in Marbois, right near Beaubray to help support the historical silo

Construction of our Maison Rouge

Construction of the “Maison Rouge” silo in Epreville près le Neubourg

Construction of our Maison Verte

Construction of the first “Maison Verte” silo on the original Beaubray site