Here at BZ, we have always had a different way of thinking.

Every day, we strive to develop our models and are always on the lookout in the hopes of detecting and integrating new talents and innovations.

We put this energy at the service of our producers, partners and customers – endeavouring to always offer suitable solutions.

To meet our goals, we work to constantly improve and seek to move forwards thanks to our never-failing energy.

Our agricultural origins taught us to remain rigorous and appreciate work well done at all times. To move forward in a constantly-changing world, we do not hesitate to question things and let our imagination run free. We are well aware of the pace set by agricultural crops, which is why we also work on long-term projects to build our future.

Our energy is backed by complementary and demanding people and skills.

Here in the BZ Group, we cultivate character so the solutions of the future can be invented.


Over more than thirty years, we have moved from a family-run SME to a group. Ten years ago, there were about twenty employees. Now, driven by our seventy staff members, we have remained a family-oriented group.


In the space of a decade, our activities have been greatly diversified. This development has gone and still goes hand in hand with the creation of new trades and evolution of each in his jobs.


We are now divided into major activity sectors, with vertical jobs dedicated to an activity and cross-cutting support functions.

Commercial team

Collection and import-export


Sales administration for import-export, collection and multi-modal logisticians

Silo trades

Silo managers and assistants, maintenance, port handling

Support trades

IT, quality, human resources, communication, accounting, finance, etc.